July 2018

We are thrilled to announce the official launching of our first medical sustainable collection. This event happened at the FIME fair in Orlando, Florida. from July 17 to 19. FIME is a world- class tradeshow that is hosted every year in different locations. It was a wonderful experience for us.

We are very glad for the rewarding acceptance during the launching of our medical collection and for the great interest that we got not only from distributors from Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and the USA but from people that stopped by to take with them a bit of Himes brand through pictures and videos. People widely accepted the concept of our brand and wanted to get their sustainable clothes right away!

We had the opportunity to show our innovative and unique medical garment designs. We offer a wide range of beautiful styles and colors with fresh and soft hand feel and very different from what you regularly see in the market. Moreover, we heard a lot of meaningful feedback from people around the world and could see that not only us care about the environmental problems but there are hundreds of people that do as well and there are more joining to support the same causes.

We love our planet and we want to leave a healthy planet to our children. Besides of being a sustainable clothing brand, we want to raise awareness in people about what Himes aims to. Keep an eye on us! There are more green collections coming up. We’ can’t wait to be in the FIME tradeshow 2019.