Garment manufacturing industry was strongly marked by the catastrophic collapse of the building in Bangladesh in 2013. The incident has been crucial for us to not only stand up for environmental practices but social equity along our whole supply chain. Even though Himes was created as a sustainable clothing brand, we care about the wellness of people. It is our responsibility to change and promote safe conditions for the workers. We pursue our practices with responsibility and diligence to be aligned with this commitment. So, Himes brand only works with socially and environmentally responsible factories that hold specific certifications in which are stated fair hours of work, not child labor, fair compensation based on local laws, a safe and healthy workplace and environmentally conscious practices.

One of our goals is to raise awareness and to encourage environmental stewardship and socially responsible behavior across the globe. We don´t only assure that every consumer will feel good about the product they are purchasing, they will support a well, safe and healthy work enviroment for the manufacturers too. With every garment purchased, you are not only supporting to eradicate the plastic pollution from the oceans and the importance of raising awareness of coral preservation; you are showing your support for a better and responsible garment manufacturing industry.

workers rights

Workers Rights

All our garments are made with organizations that hold certifications such as WRAP, ISO14001, ISO 9001 and SA8000. All these certifications encourage companies to develop, maintain and apply socially and environmentally practices.

We are devoted to working only with organizations that offer favorable workplace conditions to the labor force, commit to respect human rights and continue improving environmental practices in our production processes.