Our Brand

Himes is a clothing brand truly concerned with the environmental crisis our planet is facing right now. We provide workwear and daily use clothing made from sustainable fabrics.

We strive to improve people’s lives to perform, look and feel great, because we believe that an ordinary day and active life should be a realm where every person can feel comfortable.

People’s wellbeing is our calling. We put world class innovation in our sustainable garments at the service of the protection and comfort of our customers, so their bodies feel good to carry out their everyday activities and at the same time knowing they contribute to a well conserved natural environment.

Collective business decisions affect greatly the course of life in our planet. We love the place we live in and we care about posterity. That is why we stand for environmentally sustainable business practices.

Himes is more than workwear and casual clothes, it is about how people experience their lives, and how the future generations will.

our brand