The Oceans Need Us Project

Himes has a very close relationship with the oceans that were our inspiration and the engine to conceive the purpose of the brand. For that reason, we will contribute “to do our bit” in the diffusion and search of solutions to the threats that exist on the marine ecosystems as today do millions of people in the world individually or through undertakings such as the XL Catlin Seaview Survey & The Ocean CleanUp.

Submarine Project

Himes works at “The Ocean Need Us project” with the organization “Sea Messenger” to “eliminate” the barrier that exists between humans and life in the oceans and plans to develop audiovisual productions for television and online video platforms simultaneous, so that thousands of people can directly accompany scientists and opinion leaders in multiple missions into the oceans that will “expose” the deterioration in our coral reefs due to climate change, address the different ways that it is affecting life on earth and give guidelines that will help people to make individual and collective decisions to preserve them.


Himes will provide funds and support for “The Oceans Need Us Project” to obtain the most advanced hydrospace compact devices and will work in conjunction with the manufacturer to equip it with the latest telecommunications technology to transmit the highest quality voice and video in real time via satellite and terrestrial antennas (as shown in the picture above).

To achieve this, we have decided that part of the sales profits from our products will be designated to this cause.

We are very excited to participate in this unprecedented project that will open the doors of the seas to a wide group of people.

The Ocean Need Us Project